Tutorial with Steps to Delete your Story on Snapchat


With Snapchat’s mobile application, users can create stories by taking pictures and videos, creating drawings and directing them to their contacts.

This article provides a perfect guide on “how to delete the story from Snapchat ” using multiple methods.

These are Evans Mirror, Reggie Brown and Bobby Murphy, who launched a platform to communicate through photos with “Snapchat “. It’s amazing to know that Snapchat was created by them when they were just students at Stanford University.

First Method to Delete Story – Swipe Photos one by one.

Enter your smartphone and open the mobile application Snapchat by clicking on the icon on the home screen or in the menu area.

The location of the icon depends on the user. Some Snapchat users usually place the application on the home screen to access it as quickly as possible. The Snapchat icon is yellow and easy to detect.

The next step is to touch the “my Friends ” icon as soon as you see the camera on your phone. The icon appears in three white horizontal lines and is located at the bottom right of the phone’s screen.

My friend’s page appears on your smartphone and stores all your contacts and stories.

  1. The user name you selected when you created the Snapchat account should appear at the top of the page.
  2. This will give you curved vignettes of the oldest shared photo in your story, but only if the photos in question are not visible to your contacts.
  3. These thumbnail images appear next to your user name. Click on your name to continue.
  4. Balding by touching the name we will see a dropdown menu with many options. At the top of the menu, you will see your Snapchat score and your most important contacts.
  5. When you go down, you will see all the photos that were added the last or last. Explore The complete list and select the photos you do not want to keep in the process.
  6. When you click on each photo in the list you want to delete, a tooth icon appears on the screen. If you touch it, you’ll see the option to turn it off.
  7. Select the image and delete it.

Note: In Snapchat, you only place invisible photos. If the photos are displayed by their contacts, they cannot be deleted. The faster you act, the better.

Second Method (Delete Snapchat account)

How to delete my Snapchat? Does this problem bother you? Don’t worry if our second method is to delete your Snapchat account so you don’t see what you’ve sent to your contacts. It leaves, however, the basic rule of memory: The sooner the better!

Note: The Snapchat photo Exchange application allows the user to know the status of the downloaded photos. In the lower left corner of the camera screen, you can open the Snapchat menu with a rectangular icon.

In this menu, you can specify whether the snapshots are open or not. So if you want to know who wants to see a photo or not, you get good service with the Snapchat menu.

  1. Visit the official portal of Snapchat applications and visit the “Support” section through a PC or your smartphone accessible on the Internet.
  2. Use the scan options to delete the account area. Click “Learn basic knowledge ” and then click the Account Settings.
  3. When you visit the submenu page, you will see the “Delete account ” option.
  4. This process will prompt you for the user name and password of your Snapchat account. Enter the required information in the specified fields and navigate to the next level.
  5. If you no longer want to use your Snapchat account, simply press the “Delete ” button with your user name and password.

Keep in mind that you do not claim the same account after you delete it. If you want to feel like you are in Snapchat in the future, you will need to create a new account.

What to consider: If you think your recipients still don’t see your photos, don’t hesitate to check them, delete your account immediately and you won’t see the pictures in the contact areas of your contacts.