Easily Hide Read Receipt on Instagram Direct Message


Instagram has been for years now, young people always use it! For people obsessed with photography, it has been a great app and has more and more functions, so it is a very popular application on social networks. Like people, accounts, photos and other people’s videos on Twitter and Facebook, you do the same thing here!

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It’s just a very simplified version of Facebook! You have access to Instagram from your IOS or Android device, and free! Now we will move to Instagram DM. What does DM mean? The message is shortened as direct messages. In this article, we will show you how to hide scanned or hidden receipts.

How to Check the Receipt or Read in Instagram?

You can access all the features of Instagram, such as posting videos or photos, applying filters, sending messages and, of course, BOOMERANG! But do you know you can hide the visa or read the option to receive if you are reading someone’s messages?

Instagram has a function that lets you know if the message is sent to a specific person or not! However, for some reason, you do not want the same thing, which means that the sender should not read your direct message. This update has been published in the latest version of Instagram, which is complete.

Know that direct message was read on Instagram or not

It is a very simple method for you to know that the person you sent has seen all the direct messages on Instagram or that you have not heard this message. Make sure that “VU ” appears at the bottom of the jack in question. If you see it, check your message, otherwise different!

When chatting with multiple users, you will see a flashy icon with the Instagram user name of the person who actually saw your message.

Easy steps to hide Instagram Instant Messaging

If you hide the “VU ” option for incoming messages on Facebook, there is no direct Instagram configuration that allows this option to hide the Instagram publications “SUV ” or read the confirmations. Follow these simple steps to enable this option:

How can I hide receipts in a direct Instagram (DM) message?

  1. After receiving a direct message from everyone, you will always receive a message from Instagram.
  2. Then open the Instagram application and go to the Instagram icon to see the instant messages in the upper-right corner of the screen.
  3. After that, Instagram loads the message immediately, but not in the chat, if the sender doesn’t want to know if he saw the message.
  4. The next step is to disable cellular data. If you are using Wi-Fi, turn off the Wi-Fi option.
  5. In short, you need to completely disconnect your phone from the Internet!
  6. Now go to the Chat menu and open all the messages you want to see and read! At the same time, you should not provide the message-specific sender with an indication that you have seen it. This way you can easily read all the messages!

If you have seen all the messages in person, you must cancel your Instagram personal account. However, keep in mind that you still do not connect the phone to some type of Internet connection. You do not need to log in to your Instagram account if you are not connected to Wi-Fi or mobile data!

To unsubscribe from your mobile device, return to the Instagram home page or to the news service and click the profile icon in the lower-right corner of the screen. In your profile, you will find 3 points (Android icon) in the upper right corner. Click on the icon and click on the opening!

Activate your mobile data now or connect your phone to a Wi-Fi connection and connect to your Instagram profile.

This way, the sender cannot see if you have seen your messages or not. You will continue to use your profile as usual and you will not be informed of anything! If the sender sends more text messages, follow these steps without the person who knows your suggestion. …