Guest Editor Guidelines

The purpose of these Terms and conditions is to define the conditions under which Blogger Guest Content for our site can write.

Guest Editor Guidelines or Rules

1. Content: The proposed content must be the original work of the guest blogger and must not be published online before and/or after publication on the website. Once the content of a guest blogger has been sent to this site, it may not be published online anywhere else, including on its own website/blog, without the written permission of the site.

2. Plagiarism: Plagiarism is not allowed. The guest blogger strives to ensure that all sources are properly accredited. This site is not responsible for unnecessarily credited resources. The guest blogger agrees to take full responsibility for plagiarism or false quotes.

3. Length: This site prefers that the length of each blog entry be between 300 and 1000 words.

4. Images: This site accepts pictures and/or videos to accompany the blog articles. The website prefers that the images/videos proposed by Blogger Guest be linked to the content. Website reserves the right to reject any image or video. This blog reserves the right to use its own image/video or other image/video of its choice, as well as that of a blog. If the Blogger guest provides an original image, the latter will allow Blog to use that image. The guest blogger checks whether the site is allowed to use the images proposed by the guest blogger. When a guest blogger lends a photo, he or she agrees to use the correct assignment.

5. Links: We reserves the right to refuse and delete any link posted. This is possible without notice.

6. Publisher: We can modify the content for any reason whatsoever. Before posting, We can guarantee that the guest blogger accepts the changes.

7. If a guest publication is inappropriate or needs to be improved, The website will inform the guest blogger and make suggestions.

8. Website reserves the right to refuse publication, to delete content and to modify these rules.

9. Changes in terms of use: Blog may change these conditions at any time. The guest blogger is solely responsible for maintaining these terms and conditions.

Each party agrees to accept the above conditions. By placing the content on the website, the guest blogger acknowledges accepting these conditions.