Facebook app is difficult to uninstall from Samsung


Yesterday, A major news portal reported that the social networks plagued by the Behemoth scandals have signed an unknown number of contracts with Android smartphone manufacturers, mobile operators and operating systems around the world to share the same Conversation names.

Not only do they load the Facebook app into the hardware, but they also make the software unchangeable. A permanent feature of your device when you follow your movements and your digital actions with the business application.

A major news portal spoke to an American owner of a Samsung Galaxy S9 who learned, after reading in the forum discussions about Samsung devices, that his pre-installed Facebook application could not be deleted. You cannot “disable “ without explaining exactly what it means.

What’s up with Facebook these days?

When the Galaxy S9 was launched in the United States. Two years ago, the retail trade of the S9 Galaxy was $726.

A Facebook spokesman told a major news portal that a permanent disability application does not collect data or information to send to the company. However, I refused to specify exactly how the pre-installation Facebook Setup is all over the world.

While Samsung told the news organization, it offers a pre-installed Facebook application to be able to select “templates “ that include options that make them unusable, adding when the application is no longer running execution.

Following the publication of the major news portal report, Kane Taun, a mobile researcher and a regular technical member of Facebook, approached Twitter to publish a description of the pre-installed Facebook application on Samsung devices, such as “Stub “ answers.

Although many smartphone users have enabled Automatic Updates, a Oniative and disabled application is always available for later activation (repetition of a Zombie state for full Facebook application per day Next).

If you think that a popular application is pre-installed, it can be useful for the consumer (but not for Facebook competitors). However, a permanent pre-installation is definitely a movement against the consumer.

It is known as that for a reason. You paid for your own hardware, why should people always be loaded with unwanted software, directly or not?

It’s not fair, Facebook is not fair.

And while Facebook is not the only sustainable application (for example, Apple has had historical implications on its own uninstall, possibly adding the ability to remove some integrated applications on IOS 12), this is particularly shameful. An example of this is the long history and the business.

  • However, an unknown number of Android users find that they do not have this option.
  • Another interesting question posed by the question is how Facebook permanently performs preinstallations on Facebook’s user statistics to enable AD orientation.
  • In recent years, the company has had to review its advertising statistics several times.

Therefore, it is appropriate to consider whether a disabled Facebook application is eligible before the company is installed (i.e., if you use eyeballs to target Empire ads) or not.