How to Delete Multiple Contacts in iPhone?


Every year, the company launches a new iPhone with more features and a much higher price. iPhone has evolved dramatically over the years. However, the contact application has not been modified. No new features have been added to this application over the years.

If you want to delete multiple contacts on your iPhone, do not use the contact application. Take it one by one. So, what are you doing? Uses an application from a vendor or a computer from another vendor to remove contacts from the list. Borrow how to delete multiple contacts iPhone and delete all contacts on the iPhone at the same time!

Delete multiple contacts using an iPhone App

With the application, you can easily download multiple contacts from your iPhone. You can use multiple applications to perform this action. Our favorites are the groups or applications of Smart Fusion. The process is quite simple and more or less the same for all these applications.

Learn how to delete multiple contacts with this application.

“Groups” is a free application that you can easily download from the iTunes AppStore. After downloading and installing this application, follow these simple steps:

  1. Start the application on your iPhone.
  2. You will be asked to grant your contacts access to this application. Do the right thing
  3. You see the list of groups. From there, touch all the contacts above.
  4. You will now see the list of contacts with a check box on the left of each contact.
  5. Scroll down in the list and mark the contacts you want to delete from the phone.
  6. If you have selected all the contacts you want to delete, click “Select Action ” in the top window.
  7. A menu appears. Select Delete Contacts
  8. Touch “Remove from my iPhone ” to confirm your action. In the dialogue that appears
  9. That’s it!

The selected contacts will be removed from your phone or from the contact list. Go to the original contact application to see if you have deleted contacts from the list.
Although the groups are not the most attractive application visually, they do the job fairly quickly and efficiently. You can also try other applications if you want.

How to Delete Contacts using Mac?

Now I want to tell you how to delete iCloud contacts. If you have a MAC computer, you can delete multiple contacts from your iPhone (or other IOS device). Use the MAC OS contact application. All you need to do is make sure that you are logged into your ICloud account on your iPhone and MAC, but the contact application is enabled. To subscribe to ICloud, here’s how:

Go to Settings and click iCloud

  • Log in to iCloud in this area and check your contacts. Synchronize contacts on all devices.
  • If you are connected to iCloud (if you have not already done so), start the program contact on your Mac computer.
  • The contacts can be found in the applications.
    First, click on all Contacts.
  • Now, press and hold the command button on your computer’s keyboard. Press and hold the control button and select one by one all the contacts you want to delete.
  • If you have selected all the contacts you want to delete, click the right button and select “delete contacts “.
  • Confirm your action in the next window. Contacts are eliminated.

How to delete using Windows Computer?

  1. You also eliminate multiple contacts on your iPhone from your PC.
  2. Visit and log in with the same Apple ID that connects you to the IPhone from which you want to delete multiple contacts.
  3. Once you are logged in, you will see different icons, including contacts. Select contacts Press and hold the STRG button and select the contacts you want to delete.
  4. After selecting all contacts, simply press the ENTF button on the keypad. Confirm the action by clicking the light in the pop-up dialog box.

Delete iPhone contacts immediately

Want to know how to delete your iPhone contacts at once? It’s very easy to remove all the contacts from your iPhone at the same time. The contact application also tells you what to do. They use one of the two methods described above.